Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

New Videos by Mater Suspiria Vision and The Videodrome Reality

Cosmotropia de Xam present you new Videos by the bizarre Mater Suspiria Vision from Kabul, Afghanistan and sounds from hypnagogic cyberspace by The Videodrome Reality from Nevada, US.

Mater Suspiria Vision's "Danse Infernale" - Nomen est Omen - New Wave Afro Dub Beats meets a hypnagogic mindfuck. Danse Infernale is one of the outstanding tracks (yes, we've already heard more stuff from these weird guys) from a VHS and Betamax (!) Compilation called ON TV to be ready on sale end of february/early march 2010. All Clips have been done by us already. X-hallucinating repetetion loops meets hypnagogic pop dreams. More soon...


Another band to watch: The Videodrome Reality from Boulder City, Nevada.


Watch their hypnagogic pop meets cyberspace epic here and now:

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