Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Video Extravaganza 2010 aka new Videos by Cosmotropia de Xam

A real Video Extravaganza! Cosmotropia de Xam present you new Videos by the bizarre Mater Suspiria Vision from Kabul, Afghanistan, another new sounds from hypnagogic cyberspace by The Videodrome Reality from Nevada, US and a mysterious hypnagogic washed out dream by PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS from Bermuda.

The new one by the videodrome reality is a surreal trip into the virtual game world of David Cronenberg's eXistenZ.

This is phase 8 - watch out for phase 7!

Bizarre Masters of Kabul Mater Suspiria Vision bring you their slo-core-italo version of Goblin Classic "Sleepwalking" (from Dario Argento's Horror Shocker Phenomena starring Jennifer Connelly).

Watch out for their CDR on DISARO and the X-limited Videocompilation "ON TV".

New to our cosmotropia de xam family is PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS a hypnagogic pop meets chillwave project from the mysterious area 'round Bermuda. Sorry we do not know much about these guys - it's all too much hidden.

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